Seemingly out of nowhere, Microsoft announced last month that it would bring its Edge Browser to Android and iOS. The Android version went live a week later, and despite having limited functionality at first, it has the basics right. Microsoft has started to fill in the feature gaps, with the latest update adding a dark theme and password syncing.

The main reason Microsoft is making Edge for mobile is to give existing Edge users a seamless workflow across all their devices. It was only a matter of time before the ability to sync passwords was added, and now it's here. When you set up the app, you are given the option to log in with a Microsoft account. You can also log in from the settings page.


From left to right: Login screen, light theme, dark theme

The other new feature is a dark theme, which can be enabled from the settings. There are a few minor bugs, like articles on the New Tab Page still having a white background, but it works fine for the most part. There's no automatic dark mode yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if that is added later.

You can get Edge for Android at the Play Store below, or from APKMirror.