LG phones generally have good hardware, but not-so-good software. It's not terrible, but it's still inferior to stock Android and TouchWiz Samsung Experience both functionally and aesthetically. But if you have the H930 or H930G variants of the V30, we have good news for you: your bootloader can now be unlocked, opening up a new world for you.

The H930 is sold in some European countries, including the UK, while the H930G is listed as an Italy-only device. These two have become the first LG V30 variants to support LG Developer's bootloader unlock tool. If you're in the US, it's unlikely that you have either the H930 or H930G unless you bought it somewhere like eBay or Swappa.

We're not expecting any US carrier models to be added to this list, but the unlocked US998 model should really be on there. After all, the US unlocked G6 (US997) and US unlocked V20 (US996) are listed. Let's hope that support for it is in the works.