The Pixel 2 XL may be the new hottest thing on the block, but it's been privy to quite a few of issues, the latest of which concerns random reboots. So if you're a Verizon customer who'd like to distance yourself from the problems (and save a lot of cash), perhaps this Pixel XL deal is for you. For a stunningly low $120 in total, one of these can be yours.

Since it's a Google device, the Pixel XL is still one of the smoothest phones around, even a year later. It sports a 5.5" 1440p AMOLED, a Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 12MP camera, an 8MP selfie-shooter, and a 3450mAh battery. Those aren't the best specs for 2017, but hey, the phone is $120. No complaining.

Unlike Sprint and its $5/month deals, Verizon permits you to pay the phone off right after purchase. So if you'd like, you can pay the full $120 and not have to worry about monthly payments and credits over the next two years of your plan. Unfortunately, only the Very Silver color is available, so you're stuck with a white front bezel. But again: the phone is $120. No complaining.

The terms of the deal are a little confusing. Apparently with most Verizon deals, you can pay the phone off immediately, but in this case, this text is present: "Bill credits end when balance is paid or line terminated/changed to another plan." It's unclear whether this means that you can indeed pay the entire $120 immediately, or if you'll have to pay off the regular remaining balance, sans bill credits. Let us know if any of you jump on this deal and figure it out.