Back in September, I got to try out the Cozmo Collector's Edition, a re-release of the 'Cozmo' app-controlled toy from last year. I definitely enjoyed using it, but the high price point of $179 made it a tough sell for many. Now you can get the original version for $127, a savings of $53.

The collectors edition I reviewed is identical in functionality to the older model. The only difference is the design - the older version is mostly white, while the new one is a dark silver color. You can play a variety of games with him, control him like an RC car (with a live video feed), or let him roll around and do his own thing. You can also develop programs for Cozmo, either with the simple 'Code Lab' included in the app, or with the Python-based Cozmo SDK.

One thing to note about Cozmo is that he requires an Android/iOS device with the app installed to function at all. So if you're buying him for a child, make sure they also have access to a phone/tablet, otherwise they won't be able to do anything with the robot.

This is the lowest price Cozmo has been since it was released (the previous record was $150). You can get it from the link below.