The Razer Phone has been receiving generally-positive reviews, but one sore point has been the camera. The dual 12MP rear cameras are impressive on a specifications sheet, but in real-world usage, the shutter speed is slow and HDR increases the capture time by a few seconds. The pictures themselves don't look bad (perhaps a bit over-saturated), but the process of taking them isn't great.

Thankfully, Razer is looking to improve the camera experience with future software updates. Min-Liang Tan, CEO and co-founder of Razer, announced upcoming changes on his Facebook page. Over the next few weeks, minor tweaks will be made available to phone owners:

At this time, we are working to update features such as shutter speed, low light and many other optimizations to the current software. These fixes and optimizations will be progressively released over the next few weeks.

Long-term improvements were also announced, like a portrait mode, instazoom button, 60FPS video, and more:

Further, in future updates over the next few months, we have new camera features planned. The next major camera app release will add some new features like the new instazoom button. This will help users immediately jump to the optimal zoom with the telephoto lens. This feature was requested by nearly all reviewers. We will very likely be adding 4x slo motion recording as well.

Features like portrait mode, 60 fps video, and additional speed improvements will be coming in late Q1 with our Oreo update. We are still investigating additional performance / speed improvements for this time frame as well.

Would you be more interested in a Razer Phone if the camera was improved? Let us know in the comments below.