I only have one TV at home and I made my decision and went with an NVIDIA SHIELD TV. But if you're still wondering about ways to bring some streaming and smart capabilities to your TV for cheap, you have many options nowadays ranging from the Chromecast to the Amazon Fire Stick and the Roku devices. The latter are often praised for their integration with many streaming services (including Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies, how 'bout that?) and for their simple interface and private listening mode.

If that floats your boat, and you're not lured by the Chromecast or you're gifting a relative who wants a real interface on their TV and a remote, then the new Roku Streaming Stick+ with 4K support should be right up your alley, especially with its $20 discount to $49.99. Bonus: Corbin already reviewed it last week, so you can read all about it before you open your wallet.

You can grab the Streaming Stick+ for $48-49.95 until Monday, 11:59pm PT at these retailers:

However, I'd like to point out that depending on what you want, this deal may not be as good as the slightly older Roku Premiere+ shedding half its price to $49.95 at Best Buy (which is still ongoing by the way). Both are good discounts: the Streaming Stick+ is newer, takes a bit less space than the Premiere+, has better WiFi reception, and comes with a voice remote, whereas the Premiere+ has a headphone jack on the remote for private listening, an Ethernet port, and a MicroSD slot.

If the Streaming Stick+ or Premiere+ are a little too much and you want something even cheaper, there are a few more deals to be had on Roku: