Cracks fingers. Alright, here we go again, another deal, another post. You can do it, Rita.

Look, I know most of you are just about done with Black Friday, but we do what we do because there are always a few persons who are interested in this deal, as opposed to that deal which others found more appealing. We're here for all. But it's tough to make these posts interesting, especially when the discount is relatively so tiny. Then I remember that Sonos nearly never discounts anything and when it does, it's just as abysmal as the deals today, so here goes...

Several of Sonos' speakers are shedding some dollars, somewhere between $25 and $100. The all new Sonos ONE, which has voice control with Alexa now but promises Google Assistant and Siri in 2018 is part of the deals, though it's only down $25 to $174. Better than nothing, I s'pose.

If you want a new Sonos or you just want to gaze in awe at what others can afford to pay for a speaker, here are the deals and the different retailers you can find them at: