Lately, our dear leader Artem has been preaching the usefulness of Google Docs' dictation feature, which allows you to transform your speech into words. However, to use it, he's had to constantly have a Google Doc open. But according to a code change request, Chrome OS will soon have this functionality built into the system as an accessibility feature. (Too bad Artem doesn't often use a Chromebook.)

Chrome Story spotted a code change request in Chromium Gerrit stating the following:

Support dictation on Chrome OS (initial version/prototype)

- bound to ctrl+alt+s

- each invokation triggers a new dictation session

- sound icon prompts for user to start dictating

- silence triggers dictation completion and recognition result

Test: manual.

Bug: 546373

Basically, when dictation goes live, you'll be able to use Ctrl+Alt+S to launch dictation (you'll probably have to first enable it under accessibility settings). When a sound icon appears, you'll start to speak, and when you finish speaking, the dictation will be recognized as complete from your silence.

Unfortunately, because this is a private bug, we don't have any screenshots of dictation working on Chrome OS. We'll have to wait to see what materializes of this.