Some deals don't require you break your piggy jar or dig into the couch cushions for all the pennies you have lost. Take for example this Samsung flash drive. In September, we were happy when it was down to $23.99, and earlier this month we found it an awesome deal when it dropped further to $19.99. But now? Now it's just $12.99. How 'bout that?

For that sweet, sweet price, you get a USB-C 3.1 flash drive with 64GB of storage from Samsung. It also comes in a really beautiful blue shade. You can use this one with your desktop or notebook, if it has a USB-C port, or with your USB-C Android phone. I use one just like it, but with 32GB only, very frequently to move data quickly between my Nokia 8 and my computer. It easily trumps Bluetooth and WiFi transfers of any form (direct WiFi, Pushbullet, Airdroid, etc...).

And for $12.99, this can be the neat stocking stuffer you offer to many of your relatives on Christmas. They'll thank you for it once all USB ports move to USB-C. If you're interested, you can grab it from Amazon or Best Buy at the links below.