If you're in the market for a new drone, then this deal is for you. The DJI Spark is on sale for $399.99 on Amazon, B&H, and Best Buy. That means you get a respectable savings of $100 off the original price.

Jeff took a look at the Spark not too long ago, commenting on how great the drone itself was. Unfortunately, his time with it was marred by a terrible app experience (a familiar tale). He said that the application constantly crashed, which is not something you want when controlling your drone — luckily, there's a physical controller, but that'll cost you extra.

Rumor has it that DJI is aware of the Android app issues, so that may no longer be a problem at the time of writing. If you're still interested, head on down to your retailer of choice below. Bear in mind that only the white model (no controller) is on sale.

Adorama has the Spark for $30 cheaper: $369.

Update: Shortly after we posted the $369 deal, Adorama bumped it back up to $399, but threw in a $50 gift certificate. Still a pretty good deal! Also, Amazon's price is now $369.