Keeping an eye on your home or office while away can be an expensive proposition, especially if you need more than one camera. The Arlo Pro camera system is one of our favorites, but the 4-pack usually costs a whopping $650. Today, it'll run you a more reasonable $499.99 at Best Buy.

The Arlo Pro 4-pack includes four cameras (duh) as well as the dedicated hub. The hub must be wired to your router, but the cameras themselves are completely wireless. The batteries hold a charge for months at a time, too. These are the previous generation cameras, but the new Arlo Pro 2 cameras have some early issues anyway.

These cameras record in 720p and you get a week of online video storage for free. Most cameras include just a day or two, if you get any at all. Longer storage plans are available, but you can also just use the hub to back up all your video to a USB device.

The $150 discount on this bundle is so far only available from Best Buy as part of the retailer's Black Friday deals. Yes, Black Friday isn't until later this month. It's unclear how long this deal will last, though.

The deal is now also available on Amazon for 99 cents less: $499.00.