Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a ton of different potential configurations. But if you need DVR storage at up to 1080p resolution, support for up to 8 cameras (with four conveniently included), and intelligent motion detection with alerts, ANNKE's solution might be for you. Better, we have a coupon (TTXS6D5Q) that brings the whole package down to $78.09

There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to security cameras. Sometimes you don't need or want centralized storage, and indoor/outdoor environments need to be taken into account to determine precisely which cameras are best suited for your application. But this bundle by ANNKE is flexible and inexpensive.

To start, it has four indoor/outdoor weatherproof (IP66) cameras with IR night vision, giving you enough to get started in any environment. Add in the 8-channel DVR, and you have the capacity to upgrade down the road, and even mix and match camera types based on your specific needs. It also supports two additional wireless channels if you can't always route cables.

The DVR has a wide range of inputs and outputs and a Dual-stream design that separates local recording and remote viewing, making it flexible enough to fulfill most use cases. The built-in HDD bay supports SATA disks up to 6TB in capacity. The software allows you to set recording schedules, skip through feeds with motion-locating smart playback, and set up custom smart alerts for individual motion detection zones. You can view and record remotely via a browser or phone, and cutting-edge H.264+ video compression increases encoding efficiency and saves space.

For more information and detailed technical specifications, you can read more at ANNKE's site. If you're interested, you can pick one up now from ANNKE Security. Even more conveniently, you can also grab it at Amazon (where it has over 500 reviews on Amazon and a favorable review average) for just $78.09 with the coupon code TTXS6D5Q.

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