Shield TV owners, be looking for a new update that started rolling out today. Software Experience 6.2 has a few key additions to note, including voice search support for new apps like Plex or Ecobee and new titles for gamers.

As always, here's the changelog:

  • Latest Android security patch
  • Shield remote responsiveness fix
  • Cast Amazon Music
  • Enjoy HDR on VUDU
  • Play Metal Gear Solid 3 HD (Android), FIFA18 (Gamestream) and Destiny 2 (Gamestream)
  • Use voice for PlexVUDUEcobee thermostats and LG SmartThinQ appliances with Google Assistant support
  • Watch movies on demand with Movies Anywhere and popular shows and sports from India with Hotstar

I can safely say that I'm most excited about the addition of Destiny 2 to the list of Gamestream titles, because that's something I've wanted since the game launched (I probably play it too much). Metal Gear Solid 3 should excite plenty of people — it's a pretty great game and a good dose of nostalgia. I'm also looking forward to being able to search through my Plex library with my voice... I'm lazy, okay?

Be looking for Software Experience 6.2 to hit your Shield TV. Meanwhile, I'll be playing Destiny 2 on my couch.