Smartwatches are not as popular as they used to be, but of what's available right now, Samsung definitely has the best offerings. The recently-announced Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro have already seen a discount at various retailers, including Samsung's online store. You can get the proper watch for $249.99 and the Fit for $149.99, meaning that you can save $50 off either or both.

Ryan took a look at the Gear Sport not too long ago, and he came away impressed. If neither of the Gear S3 models appeals to you, then maybe you should consider the Sport. $50 off is a small discount, but it's certainly more than the last time we saw this deal.

BuyDig is the odd man out with the Sport, offering the smartwatch for $247.99, a whole $3 less than anywhere else I can find — but the site has the Fit2 Pro for $167.99, so that's not a good deal in comparison. Both of these deals appear to be good at most retailers, like Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, etc. I'll link a few in the source area below.

On a side note, the Gear S3, both Classic and Frontier, looks like it's $70 off right now... if you can find one in stock.