The Uber app is pretty convenient already, but there's always room for improvement. Earlier in the year, the ability to message your driver via in-app chat was added, and now Uber has a few more enhancements that it hopes will help ease the stress during the festive season.

Live location sharing is the headline addition. If you've got it turned on, the driver will be able to see exactly where you are in relation to the pickup point. So if you're around the corner but on your way, your driver will know to give you a few extra seconds. To help you find your driver, Uber is expanding its beacon program to NYC, SF, and Chicago. Beacons are windshield lights that can be lit up with any color the rider chooses, making it easier to spot your driver.

The 'Request for a Guest' feature has also been improved. Your grandma will now receive an SMS with all of the trip details, and she'll be able to respond to contact the driver directly. Getting into the holiday spirit, the final part of the announcement introduces in-app gifting so you can send someone else Uber credit. Not sure that's the perfect way to say "whoops, I totally forgot to get you a present."