The days of flimsy plastic phones are (mostly) behind us, but that doesn't mean all phones are as durable as we might like. That's why the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel takes the time to burn, scratch, and bend new phones. This time, it's the OnePlus 5T's turn, and it proves to be pretty durable.

The standard JerryRigEverything test includes scratching and burning, but the results here are usually a foregone conclusion. The Gorilla Glass panel scratches at the usual Mohs hardness, and the lighter kills the OLED pixels in about 20 seconds.

The razor shows that all the OP5T's buttons are aluminum just like the chassis. The anodizing on the aluminum is a little thin, but not unusually so. The rear-facing fingerprint sensor still has the same ceramic cover as the front-facing sensor on OP's older phones.

And then it comes down to the bend test. Many phones have failed here, or at least have not performed as intended. The OnePlus 5T flexes a bit, but the aluminum frame holds up. Since this phone is not water resistant, there are no seals to compromise when bending the phone. It should work just like it did before. Not bad for a $500 phone.