IFTTT is one of the best ways to connect your multiple smart services and appliances and make them work together. Sure, there are hubs and services that might offer to bridge the gaps between different IoT companies, but IFTTT really covers the entire gamut, and since it supports Google Assistant, that makes it easier to issue voice commands at your entire house.

Today's expansion of IFTTT brings us several new channels that can be connected to either your Google Assistant or your other devices. Here are the new channels:

  • iRobot Roomba (connected vacuum): you can start, dock, pause, or stop the Roomba through IFTTT, or trigger something else when the vacuum finishes a mission.
  • Somfy Connected Thermostat: you can change the temperature or mode with IFTTT, or trigger other channels based on the current temperature, mode, or battery.
  • TaHoma by Somfy (connected shutters, lights, and gates): start a TaHoma scenario with IFTTT.
  • SwitchBot (smart physical button and switch controller): press, turn on, or turn off your SwitchBots through IFTTT.
  • BOND (ceiling fan smart controller)
  • sREMO (remote home control service)
  • iO.e (smart lights, sockets, cameras)
  • digitalSTROM (natural language service for the smart home)

I know the Roomba and Somfy channels will be of the most interest to you, but I'm mostly excited about SwitchBot. I've been eyeing the little bots for a while now, because they have the potential to automate any device with a button or switch (lights, german roller shades, computers, servers, coffee makers, etc) without completely replacing it or going crazy trying to find something that works with this voltage and this electric setup on this wireless protocol and compatible with this hub. I'm very tempted to get a couple now and make them part of my smart home setup. The downside is that it will add yet another hub to my home. It's small, but ugh... Why can't SmartThings open up its Bluetooth connection so these devices communicate with it directly?