It can be tough thinking of gifts for kids. These days nephews and nieces already have all the latest gadgets, and whatever gift we choose is already out of style, out of date, or boring. But you know what they probably don't have? A pair of MindKoo's Unicat light-up Cat Ear Bluetooth headphones. Even better, right now our readers can pick them up for 35% off. Little Suzy doesn't need to know you got them with a coupon, though.

MindKoo's Unicat Cat Ear headphones use Bluetooth v4.2, feature 5-8 hours of battery life, fold up easily, and have both built-in controls and a mic, but it's not all about specs. With their unique cat ear design, complete with flashing LEDs on both the ears and earmuffs, kids are sure to enjoy the way they look wearing them. It's easy to stand out while you rock out with a pair of these.

The headphones even come in four different colors. You can pick up a pair in Dynamite Black with blue LEDs, Electric Rose with white LEDs, Aerial White with pink LEDs, and Pink Dream with pink LEDs. There are also four unique modes for the lights, further expanding customization options.

It's not just about appearance, although your kids should enjoy the cat-ear styling and lights. The headphones are also comfortable, with pillow-soft padded ear cushions and an easily adjusted headband.

In addition to the stylish and kid-friendly appearance, you also get some good quality audio. Whether your kids can appreciate the rich bass, crisp highs, and natural mids or not, you can be sure that they'll thank you for it later. And with Bluetooth 4.2 they should work with whatever gadgets they already have, or which platforms they're already using.

Our readers even get an exclusive 35% ($12.60) discount. For a limited time, if you pick up a pair over at Amazon with the code 72DMDJQD you'll pay just $23.39. You can check out more details over on MindKoo's site.

They might not be everyone's style, but they do have a fun look. If you want to buy a pair for yourself, it's ok. We won't tell.

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