I've barely used the calendar or My Day feature of my two Google Homes since getting them because of the lack of one major feature: multiple calendar support. See, I almost never add any event to my personal calendar since both my husband and I use a shared calendar so we always know what our responsibilities are, whether they're shared or individual. But now Google Home is finally adding multiple calendar support.

You can find the option if you open the Google Home app, go to More Settings in the left side menu, and scroll down to the Calendar section. (You can also get to it by going to Assistant, then blue box, then Settings.) This new section lets you choose the calendars you want Google Home to alert you about when reading your My Day briefing or when asked about your upcoming appointments. It also lets you pick which default calendar is used to create new events.

I only see my personal and shared calendars in the list - the calendars I've subscribed to or the holidays ones aren't included in the options. But that's a great start and I appreciate that I can finally create events and appointments with my Google Home that go straight to our shared calendar instead of being assigned to my personal one. Unfortunately, this only works on Google Home now, so Assistant on your phone will still default to using your personal calendar and nothing else. Oh well, baby steps.

  • Thanks:
  • Vien Hoang,
  • Joe Betsill,
  • Ken Vincent