The deals keep on coming and today I'm back with yet another small but sweet discount on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. If you haven't read my thoughts on the set-top box, here is a one word summary: awesome. So whether you want to finally get in on the Android TV action or you're looking for a neat all-in-one media and light gaming console, or you already got a SHIELD but want another one for a different room or as a gift, now's the time to do so.

A couple of weeks ago, the 2017 SHIELD TV (with remote and controller) was down $30 at Best Buy, and now that same discount is back on different retailers. But the $30 off extends to the cheaper SHIELD TV with remote only and Amazon also has a neat bundle with the SHIELD TV, remote, controller, and an extra controller for $30 off as well. Here are the links:

Newegg's page says the deal is live for 5 days so I'd work on the assumption that it's probably when it will expire at the different stores too. Newegg and Amazon also specify 3 months of free YouTube Red subscription, but the other retailers don't mention that, so if you want a free $29.97 value thrown in, you may want to choose them instead.

Oh and as a friend, I'll tell you that I know that the $149 for the SHIELD with remote only seems like a really appealing deal if you're not interested in the gaming aspect, at all, but trust me, pay the added $20 and get the one with the controller. You may use it or not, but you can easily sell it for $50 on eBay and that'll make your savings even bigger.