Nintendo of America‏ has announced in a tweet that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be officially available this Wednesday November 22nd. While we already knew it was slated for a November release, having a hard date is most definitely reassuring since we are getting pretty close to the end of the month.

For the fans of the series the wait has most assuredly been painful, but alas we are getting very close. Having played through some of the game thanks to the APK being leaked across the web when it was soft-launched in Australia, I would say it is most definitely a free-to-play mobile version of Animal Crossing. If you are expecting the full game, you will be disappointed, but if you are looking for something a lot more casual that lines up with the majority of FTP mobile games, then you are in luck.

For the most part, you simply try to make friends and invite them to your camp by performing chores for the animals that reside elsewhere in the game, among other odds and ends. Many of the game's residents will want particular items in the camp before you can invite them to visit, which means you need to get out there and earn the crafting materials necessary to build those needed decoration items. This is where the daily grind comes into play.

While I can't say this is the Animal Crossing most of us wanted to see released on Android, it is nonetheless what we are getting. Considering that it's still better than nothing at all I am going to say that Nintendo has at least created something new and slightly interesting with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that should at least be worth a few hours of playtime at a minimum.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available

That's right, after Nintendo went through the trouble to tweet out a November 22nd release date for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, it has shown up on the Play Store a day early. This means you can install it right now! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the link below and start playing this game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp