One of the most requested features in the SmartThings app has been scene support. I'm new to the system, so I'm sure there were some enterprising solutions to the lack of scenes, but there wasn't any native and easy way to do it. That changes with the latest update to version 2.10 of the SmartThings app.

Scenes reside inside the My Home tab, next to Things and Rooms, and allow you to change multiple lights, switches, and devices to different presets to suit a certain mood. So if you're working, you can have the lights go all the way up but if you're watching a movie, they can be dimmed down.

From left to right: Adding a scene, choosing a device, choosing its presets, and assigning an icon.

Scenes are already well integrated inside the SmartThings app. You can trigger them when you're making a routine and you can use them inside your SmartApps. However, they don't seem to be available to Google Assistant or IFTTT just yet.

Scenes in routines (left) and SmartApps (right)

Aside from scene support, the update adds fingerprint support so you can lock the app unless it's verified with your print. It also lets you rearrange favorite devices in your dashboard, and create unique lock codes for visitors. Since my smart lock (Nuki) isn't yet integrated with SmartThings, I wasn't able to test this last part out. The rest of the features work very well.

Rearranging favorites in the dashboard (left), Fingerprint support (middle and right).

Here's the detailed changelog:


We've been hard at work making the SmartThings app better for you:
- Introducing 'Scenes' for your lighting devices! Set the scene by adjusting multiple lighting devices in a tap.
- Create unique lock codes for visitors to access your home your SmartApps.
- Customize your dashboard with the 'rearrange' option.
- Enhance app security with Touch ID.

The updated SmartThings app is already live in the Play Store, but if you don't see it or prefer a manual install, we've got version 2.10 on APK Mirror.

The SmartThings blog has posted an article detailing the use of lock codes, which had some of us scratching our heads. It explains that you need to install a specific SmartApp called Smart locks (found in Marketplace > SmartApps > SmartThings Recommends) in order to see the functionality. This lets you create a guest lock code, monitor all guest codes and their usage, share them with visitors, see the status of all your locks, and check how a lock was locked/unlocked whether manually or with a code.

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