These days, we're seeing increasingly advanced smart TVs with 4K resolutions, HDR tech, and more. In anticipation of the Black Friday weekend, Sony has slashed prices on two of its 4K HDR smart TV lines, the XBR X900E and X930E. No matter what size or features you need, there's an option for you here.

The XBR X900E is the lower-end of the two lines here, and it comes in 49", 55", 65", and 75" sizes. Its slim, bezel-less design features X-tended Dynamic Range Pro and XDR Contrast 5x, full-array local dimming and boosting, and 4K HDR X1 tech. Android TV is on board, as is Amazon Alexa support. If you're not absolutely obsessed with the intricacies of different display technologies, this is the TV for you.

If, however, you do care about maximum picture quality, you may want to take a look at the (much more expensive) XBR X930E. This line only comes in two screen sizes - 55" and 65" - and sports the same minimalist design. However, it has a more advanced display; despite its edge-lit dimming tech (which is thought to be inferior to the X900E's full-array dimming), it features two rows of LEDs, XDR Contrast 10x vs the X900E's 5x, and the more capable 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor.

These TVs are available from Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, Abt, Fry's, and Walmart. We've compiled all the links in the list below. Here are the X900E-series TVs:

  • Sony XBR49X900E (49") 4K Android TV
  • Sony XBR55X900E (55") 4K Android TV
  • Sony XBR65X900E (65") 4K Android TV
  • Sony XBR75X900E (75") 4K Android TV

And here are the X930Es:

  • Sony XBR55X930E (55") 4K HDR Android TV
  • Sony XBR65X930E (65") 4K HDR Android TV

If it were my money, I'd definitely save a couple hundred bucks and go with the X900E. Let us know if you plan on picking either one up in the comments.