LG's V30 is a decent phone, but it's certainly not cheap. If you were planning on buying a new smartphone along with another electronic product, you might want to consider the 'LG V30 More Promotion,' which will get you a $400 Visa prepaid card with the purchase of a V30 and another eligible LG product. However, there's a ton of fine print.

If you have purchased or will purchase a V30 or V30+ from November 16th to December 2nd, along with an LG mobile, home electronics, or home appliance device, you're eligible for a Visa prepaid card up to $400 in value. The exact prepaid card value depends on how much that second LG item costs. If you purchase a $300 phone, you'll get a $300 prepaid card. But if you purchase a $700 TV, you'll only get a $400 card. This second item can be purchased from any LG authorized retailer. Some LG products, such as those from LG's Signature line, are excluded. And if you try to return an unlocked phone, you may be charged a return fee.

To get the offer, you'll need to activate the phone with Verizon device payment, AT&T Next, Sprint 24-month installment, or Sprint Flex Lease (you don't need to do anything if you buy an unlocked phone). Should you be on Sprint, a down payment is required for certain phones, and an eligible upgrade or new activation is mandatory. Buying through one of those 'Buy One xxx One' programs can only get you one Visa card. Claims are restricted to one Visa card per receipt.

You can register for the promo 15 days after you purchase your phone, and registration must be done within 45 days of purchase. All submissions must be done by January 15th, 2018. If you've read through all the terms and conditions and happen to need another LG product aside from a V30, this might be a good deal.