Anker is best known for making portable battery packs and other charging accessories, but it's been increasingly dabbling in personal audio. The company ran a Kickstarter for some fancy earbuds a few months ago, but those ones aren't for sale yet. You can, however, get the slightly less fancy version right now. The Zolo Liberty Bluetooth earbuds are on sale today for $99.99.

These are "completely wireless" earbuds, which means there's no cable connecting the two earbuds. Anker claims 3.5 hours of playback on a charge, but the case for the Zolo Liberty buds is also a battery. That gives you a total of 24 hours of playback without plugging in (it's still microUSB, though). Similar products have the same battery case design, but they don't offer as much juice in them. The Zolo Liberty also include graphene-based drivers, for (apparently) improved sound.

These are Bluetooth 4.1 earbuds, but the Liberty+ that were launched on Kickstarter are 5.0. So far, Anker has only had enough units to ship those to backers. They'll be on sale in January for $50 more than the Liberty ($150). They also have a larger battery in the case good for 48 hours of usage. If you don't need those things, the regular Liberty might do the job. They're available on Amazon with Prime shipping.