Drones are a lot of fun, but they can also be pricey. To help alleviate that second part, Amazon is offering the GoPro Karma with either the HERO5 Black for $899 or the HERO6 Black for $999. That's a solid $200 off each bundle.

The Karma is a smaller, lightweight drone. It uses a 'Karma Stabilizer' in conjunction with whichever HERO camera you choose to produce smooth footage. It's controlled by a video game-esque controller with a touchscreen. All this comes with a carrying case so that you can bring the Karma anywhere.

If you'd like the Karma alone (you'll have to have your own GoPro camera already), it's $799. Add the HERO5 Black, and that price becomes $899. Opt for the newer HERO6 Black, and it's $999. Do note that the listings do come with batteries in spite of the stupid 'Drone without battery' option name; that's referring to a second, additional battery. But if you do want an additional battery with either listing, you can add one for an extra $99. Prime shipping is free. Hit the source links below to grab a Karma of your very own.