The MEGABOOM may no longer be Ultimate Ears' most powerful Bluetooth speaker, but it still packs plenty a punch. It's still one of our favorite speakers, and for good reason - it's great across the board. Now, you can pick one up in the interestingly-named 'Purpley' color for just $146.99, a whopping $153 off the MSRP, from Best Buy. This is the lowest price we've seen for a brand-new unit.

The lowest price we've seen for a MEGABOOM is $129.99, but that was for a refurb. At $146.99 for a new-in-box speaker, you get great 360-degree sound, IPX7 water resistance, shock resistance, NFC pairing, and a 20-hour battery. It's really a well-rounded product.

Only the 'Purpley' color is available at $146.99, with the other colors coming in at $199.99. To my eyes, it doesn't look nearly as bad as I'd have expected a color called 'Purpley' to look, and you can get away with thinking it's just a dark blue. Shipping is free, as is store pickup. You can pick one up from the source link below.

Best Buy has seemingly renamed the color a more fitting 'Indigo' and dropped the price to $142.99 today. Amazon also has it in black for $149.99.