Your browser is your gateway to the world. With it, you can access a surfeit of information, including sites like ours. From a functional standpoint, most browsers are quite alike, but each has a distinctive set of features. And like anything with specific or distinguishing characteristics, a particular browser is something you develop a taste for. So, when it comes to your phone, which one do you use?

Some people just stick with whatever their phone ships with, be it Google's in-house Chrome, Samsung's Browser, or even an OEM-tweaked AOSP browser. Some of you might even be using iOS and Safari. And there's nothing wrong with that. We aren't snobs when it comes to software here. But with Samsung releasing its browser to the Play Store earlier this year and Firefox V57 landing recently in anticipation of future Quantum goodness, it made us curious about what our readers might be using.

Personally, with Google's services being such an integral part of my workflow, I stick with Chrome on my phone. The shared device settings and history, custom tabs, and overall snappiness have me pretty pleased. At this point, any other browser would increase the time it takes for me to do work, which I just can't do. (That said, many people have similar customized workflows arranged via Firefox, so it's certainly possible, though there might be migration pains.)

So what browser do you use on your phone? If it isn't on the list, feel free to mention it in comments.

What browser do you use on your phone?

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