I'm not sure how many of our readers are pilots, but here goes anyway. Garmin has updated its Pilot app for Android to version 6.2, and with it come a bunch of new features. I won't pretend I know what any of it really means, but I'll try to summarise the new additions as best I can.

The update includes Chart Overlays, which allows users of Garmin FliteCharts to "overlay instrument procedures on the moving map." The layer order and opacity of this can easily be changed, too. Temporary flight restriction information has also been improved, particularly those relating to sports events. You can choose to be notified about Stadium TFRs a week, 24 hours, or 1 hour in advance.


Left: Chart Overlays.  Right: Enhanced Stadium TFRs.

Other new features include a glide range ring that can be added to the moving map, automatic logbook entries, and automatic downloading of new data and charts. Garmin has also introduced the ability to sort flight plans, which had been requested by users. Check out the blog post for more in-depth information about the new features, possibly written by someone who actually knows how to fly a plane.

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