Like OnePlus said during its announcement, we're harsh critics. So when the OnePlus 5's display was mounted upside down, resulting in an inversion in refresh direction and a slightly annoying "jelly" effect on movement, we were quick to cry foul about it. When it came to the new OnePlus 5T, our questions on the subject were rebuffed, but according to the folks at XDA, the OnePlus 5T's display is mounted more traditionally this time, so "jelly" scrolling shouldn't be a problem.

Strings controlling display software orientation, via XDA Developers

Digging through the recently uploaded kernel sources, Mishaal Rahman at XDA found that a kernel flag present on the OnePlus 5 responsible for flipping the software orientation of the display panel is not present on the 5T, meaning that the display is probably mounted refreshing from top to bottom.

We checked the recent commits ourselves (awesome of OnePlus to release sources before the phone is even out) and can confirm, the kernel is not set to reorient the display in software. While it may not be 100% definitive proof in itself, the odds are pretty high that OnePlus didn't make the same mistake twice.

An example of the "Jelly" effect on the OnePlus 5

I'm incredibly persnickety when it comes to displays, and I couldn't un-see the problem on my own OnePlus 5 once I had noticed it. For comparison, though, some of us at AP were never able to see it in the first place, so it was always a subjective issue, and it didn't stop me from recommending the phone to those that asked, after a disclaimer.

In fact, I returned my personal OnePlus 5 over the so-called "jelly" issue. I was actually a bit upset about it, because I absolutely loved the phone otherwise. Although it doesn't have any waterproofing or an amazing camera, the OnePlus 5 was incredibly fast, with great software, easy root/ROMing, and accurate display calibration, which checks almost every box on my list of requirements.

If the issue isn't present on the company's latest flagship and there aren't any new problems, I think that I'll be glad to spend my own hard-earned cash on a OnePlus 5T.