Last week, Google began sending out emails to Android app developers regarding their use of Accessibility APIs. The intended purpose of that functionality is to assist disabled users, but it is often used for other functionality (to overlay content, fill in text fields, etc) by apps like LastPass. Google said that apps using this API for anything except helping disabled users would be removed from the Play Store.

LastPass recently added support for Android 8.0 Oreo's Autofill API, but that only covers 0.3% of all Android devices. However, it looks like the app will be exempt from Google's accessibility app purge. According to LastPass, Google is collaborating with select partners to work on long-term solutions:

LastPass is working with Google and to confirm, there is no immediate impact to our Android users.

Our development team works very closely with Google to deliver an intuitive password experience for Android users. Google has assured app development partners, including LastPass, that they’re focused on a long-term solution that meets user needs and their accessibility requirements.

Google has provided a better way to store and autofill passwords on Android with their recently released Android O, which LastPass supports. Users running Android O and LastPass (currently in beta) expands our ability to help users fill not just passwords, but other important information like credit cards and addresses, saving them both time and effort.

So, for the moment, major apps like LastPass won't be removed from the Play Store. That still leaves hundreds of utilities that rely on the Accessibility API in jeopardy, like Greenify, Tasker, AutoInput, and Type Machine.