Some Android users have been irked by a mysterious "phantom call" bug in the last few weeks, and we recently tracked down the cause to Skype Lite. No one likes phantom calls. I mean, for one, that's spooky. And second, they steal audio focus. Skype has taken note of the error, and a new version of the app is rolling out with a fix.

The bug was a pretty frustrating one for those who connect to Bluetooth devices on a regular basis. After pairing, the phone would start a "phone call," but there wasn't actually a call connected. This served only to screw up audio playback. Last week, Artem (who encounters every bug it's possible to encounter) realized Skype Lite was the culprit. The short term fix was to uninstall the app.

Today, v1.25 of Skype Lite is rolling out with a fix. "This release contains a fix for the SkypeLite app's interference with the Bluetooth devices," reads the changelog. So, you should be able to reinstall Skype Lite without fear of phantom calls. It's on the Play Store as well as APK Mirror.