Forget that rounded black biscuit sandwich filled with cream and let's talk about the chewy sweet made of egg whites and nuts instead. (Said no one, ever.) But seriously, let's just pretend Oreo doesn't exist and focus on Nougat. It was a great Android OS with multi-window, bundled notifications, quick replies, and plenty of other great improvements.

Now you'll be able to enjoy those same features if you own a Galaxy J3 on Verizon or a Galaxy J7 Perx on Sprint. Both devices have started receiving a software update to Nougat. The J3 jumps to build number NMF26X.J320VVRU2BQJ1, whereas the J7 Perx goes up to J700PVPE2BQJ2.

Verizon has a detailed changelog for the J3's update including camera effects and battery screen improvements, but Sprint doesn't say anything in its update page for the J7 Perx. Either way, enjoy your new Android version and don't worry if the OTA doesn't show up for you immediately. It's probably rolling out in batches.