It's insane how case manufacturers want to charge consumers for a simple phone case. OtterBox, for instance, wants a whopping $60 for a Defender, a case that isn't even out yet for LG's new V30. But if you like saving a ton of money and still want a tough MIL-STD 810.1G-compliant product, look no further than Zizo's BOLT, STATIC, and ION cases for the V30. Each of the three cases offers great value, and at least one is bound to fit your needs.

Let's start off with BOLT. This case features an aggressive design and multi-layer construction, which earns it that MIL-STD 810.1G rating. A built-in kickstand makes it easy to watch the latest Rick and Morty episodes hands-free. It also rocks a detachable holster, which can be a lifesaver with a phone as massive as the V30. Best of all, there's a Lightning Shield 0.33mm 9H glass screen protector included at no extra charge, meaning that you won't have to spend extra cash on one. BOLT comes in seven unique color combinations and sells for $17.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

If you don't need a belt clip but still want excellent protection, check out STATIC. Its dual-layered polycarbonate and TPU design offers excellent protection in a slim package. It's got a style that demands attention, and like BOLT, it also has a kickstand to maximize your media consumption. This MIL-STD 810.G-certified case can be yours for just $10.99 shipped in one of seven colors on Amazon.

Look no further than ION if you want all-around protection while still showing off your V30's aluminum design. This three-piece case comprises of a polycarbonate face plate and frame, as well as a clear TPU back that ensures your spendy new phone is protected from every angle. A Lightning Shield glass screen protector comes in the packaging, which allows for 360-degree coverage. Let's not forget about the MIL-STD 810.G rating that this case carries as well. All this is just $13.99 with free shipping on Amazon, and you have six color options to choose from.

There's sure to be one Zizo case that will fit your needs and protect your V30, and you can have a look at the full collection on Zizo's site. We're partial to the looks of the ION in the black and silver colors. Let us know which case is your favorite in the comments below.