If you're looking to blanket your home with WiFi, the mesh network options are many nowadays. But eero has been around the block for a couple of years and the 2nd generation of devices, which was announced only a few months ago, has improved on the formula and been very well received by everyone who's been using it.

And now's the perfect time to jump on the eero bandwagon and grab a set for your house. Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H have very neat discounts on the different new 2nd gen eero packs, but you'll find the better deal on the router + beacon (24% off) and router + 2 beacons (20% off) sets. The pack of 3 routers is only down 10%, and we'd previously spotted it at a lower price. The other two are definitely at their all-time low. Here are the links:

Note that Amazon is offering the lowest price (by a few bucks) on most of these, but the router + beacon set shows that only 2 units are available at the time of writing. So it might go out of stock very soon. Hopefully, the other two retailers will keep offering the discount. Newegg has some discounts on these as well, but they're not nearly as good as the prices above. The eero site is still selling them for their original prices.

We don't know how long the discount will last, but I doubt it's here for long. These prices should be lower than what you might see on Black Friday: Best Buy's BF ad shows that the router + beacon will go for $249 then, while it's currently $229. That's $20 more in your pocket.