The Pixel C tablet is something of a forgotten product. That has a lot to do with where Android tablets are right now: the category is all but dead by this point. The space has been taken over by cheap Chromebooks, many of which can now run Android apps and operate in tablet mode.

It's a shame because the Pixel C was actually a very good piece of hardware. The premium device was fast, responsive, and had a beautiful screen. We noted in our review that it was probably supposed to run Chrome OS, and it's Android itself that lets the tablet down most. That and the price. While Android on tablets probably hasn't improved that much in the 2 years since the Pixel C was launched, the price has finally dropped to a more palatable level, at least in the UK.

It's currently out of stock in the US, and still showing up as $599, but in the UK the Google Store is now offering the 64GB model for just £299. It started out at £479, so that's a considerable saving that might just make it a worthwhile punt for someone who really wants an Android tablet with decent specs. The keyboard attachment is also down to £73 from £119. Stock is likely to be pretty limited, so you'd best be quick. New stock for the Pixel 2 and 2 XL seems to have arrived on the store, too.

€349 in rest of Europe

The same 64GB Pixel C can be bought for a roughly equivalent €349 from the Google Store in most other European countries, including France, Germany, Ireland, and others. It doesn't appear that the 32GB is available anywhere.