A few months ago, I caved in and graduated from the Wink Hub v2 to a SmartThings Hub v2 when the latter's price went down to $49.99. I've been a happy camper since. I managed to move my GoControl door/window sensors and motion detector to SmartThings, I connected my LiFX bulbs, I've hooked it up to IFTTT and Google Home, and I'm looking forward to tinkering with a few user-generated SmartApps to connect my Netatmo cam and Nuki smart lock. The possibilities are a lot more wide with SmartThings and I'm quite pumped to see a few deals on their products now.

So whether you're looking to get started building a smart home and need a full new kit, you want to move over from another hub and just want that, or you got a hub (be it the full one or the NVIDIA SmartThings Link when it was down to like $10-15) and need some sensors and smart accessories, these early Best Buy Black Friday deals should have something for you.

Amazon and Newegg are also price-matching all the deals, except for a little mismatch on the full kit. Best Buy has the new F-MN-KIT-US-2 discounted to $149.99 whereas Amazon is discounting the older F-MON-KIT-1 model, and Newegg has a deal on both. The only difference between the two, from what i can tell, is that the new kit has the new cylindrical(ish) Smart Outlet whereas the old one has a larger rectangular one that probably covered the second outlet if you plugged it into a 2-outlet wall unit. Here are all the detailed discounts:

One personal word of warning: please keep in mind, if you plan on buying any of these to use outside of the US, that the supported Z-Wave frequency in the US is 908.42Mhz and that's the one used on this SmartThings hub, whereas it's 868.42Mhz in the EU. That won't cause a problem if you plan on using ZigBee and WiFi accessories mostly, and if you limit your Z-Wave purchases to battery-powered things. But you'll have a hard time finding a US Z-Wave accessory that supports 220-240V power, so any Z-Wave electricity-powered things such as a smart outlet will be mostly out of the question.

With that out of the way, these are quite excellent deals on the SmartThings collection, and I plan on grabbing a water leak sensor and maybe a few multipurpose sensors. These aren't just open/close sensors, but can also measure temperature, vibrations, and whether it's been moved or not; perfect for safeguarding a cabinet or monitoring the washer.