When I was looking for a replacement for my Nexus 7 (2013) a couple of months ago, I did my due diligence in research and settled on the Galaxy Tab S2 8". I wanted a tablet I could carry around while walking (I edit AP articles like this, so nothing over 8.5"), with a great screen, Android Nougat (by default or updatable to it), and a decent processor, RAM, and storage. The Tab S2 8" filled all those boxes and I ended up paying about $300 for it. Now you can get it for $239.99. I wish I could go back and wait, my Nexus 7 was still working, dammit Rita!

Amazon is discounting the 8" 32GB version of the Tab S2 in all its colors: the gold and white versions go for $247.99 but the better deal is on the black one which is going for a little less at $239.99 - you'll need to add it to your cart though to see the price. You'll find a rather similar $247.99-$249.99 price on Best Buy and B&H.

But that's not the only Tab S2 deal you can find. The 9.7" version of the tablet, which obviously has a larger display, is also discounted. In this case, only the black color is seeing the significant price drop and all of the retailers have the same price: $279.99. You can find it on Amazon (add it to your cart to see the price), B&H, and Best Buy.

Black Friday seems to be Black November this year, with deals starting way too early. All the better for us as consumers, all the worse for our wallets. And consider yourself warned about the deluge of "deal alerts" on Android Police. It's only gonna get worse.