Nest started shipping the Nest Secure system a few days ago, but there will be another way to get Nest's new security system later this week. T-Mobile has announced it will sell a Nest Secure bundle beginning November 10th. It includes some extra hardware, financing, and a small discount on your monthly service fees.

T-Mobile's offer includes the core Nest Secure system consisting of the Guard, two Detect sensors, and two Tag NFC fobs. In addition, T-Mobile is throwing in a standard Nest Cam, which retails for about $200. The whole bundle at T-Mobile costs $480, which is even less than the $500 price tag on the Secure direct from Nest. In addition, T-Mobile has financing on the Secure bundle. You pay $240 down and $10 per month for 24 months.

T-Mobile is selling the Secure because the cellular backup module is designed to connect to its LTE network. So, for $10 per month (after $5 bill credit) you get cellular backup so your Nest Secure is still accessible if your home internet goes down. That price also includes Nest Aware on the included camera. That gives you 10 days of video history and smart alerts, and it would usually cost you $10 per month all by itself.

T-Mobile's bundle offer goes live this Friday, November 10th. It should be on sale in T-Mobile stores nationwide.