Some modifications are rolling out to IFTTT right now that could change the way you use it. There are several new services, but that happens all the time. What's notable is IFTTT has decided to split Google Drive up into its constituent elements, so you may notice some changes to your applets.

For those who are not aware, IFTTT is a simple but powerful automation platform that connects to scores of services and products. You can create "applets" in the format of "if this, then that," and they run in the cloud. Google Drive has been supported for ages, but now the functionality of that service is being split into Drive, Sheets, and Docs. Any applets that use the file upload action will remain part of Drive. Applets that deal with spreadsheets in Drive will become associated with the new Sheets channel. Likewise, applets that create or add to a document in Drive are moving over to Docs.

IFTTT is setting up the new Drive services now and warns there could be some service interruptions through tomorrow (11/9). Both the new channels appear to be live, and my applets have migrated.

In addition, IFTTT has rolled out several new services in the last few weeks. There's support for Smarter, AirNow, Invoxia TribyFortinet, ProPublica, and Air by Propeller.

Migration Done

The migration is done. Here's everything you can do with the new Google functionality.