The 16GB SHIELD TV (2017) costs $199.99 and the price has rarely budged since its release at the start of the year. It was once down $20 for Amazon Prime Day and another time you could get $25 off with Visa Checkout, but that's it. So you can imagine that the smallest discount is worthy of mention, and that's the case of this $30 discount that brings it to its lowest price yet at $169.99.

Best Buy is running a "Black Friday Ad Deal" on the SHIELD TV that brings its price down from $199.99 to $169.99. That happens to be $10 less than the "SHIELD TV with remote" version (but without controller) that NVIDIA released a couple of months ago. So you're paying less and you're getting the controller, nice!

There are very few gadgets I can recommend wholeheartedly without a question mark or a warning, and the SHIELD is one of them. It's quite an awesome set-top box: it runs Android TV and can either stream from online services or from your local library through Plex, it also has a catalog of exclusive game titles that are playable through the controller, and it can replace a Chromecast... more or less. Plus it has Assistant and NVIDIA is super awesome at updates.

If you've been sitting on the fence, go get it and thank me later. I'm not sure how long the discount will last, but I'd put in an order fast. It'll help to get used to a few of the games before the family drops in on Thanksgiving so you can wow them with your mad skillz.