The Amazon Key in-home delivery service was announced to much fanfare two weeks ago. At the time, you could pre-order the kit for $249, with an expected shipping date of November 8th. Well, that day has finally arrived, and with it, the Amazon Key app has also hit Google Play

If you don't remember or you missed the news, Amazon Key is a new product and service provided by the mega-retailer which allows you to let Amazon deliver goods inside your home, dropping off packages on your side of the door. Like other smart lock systems, you can also use it for more general purposes, like remotely locking or unlocking your door. Combined with Amazon's Cloud Cam, you can make sure that all entry is monitored and recorded for your security, ensuring that the convenience of in-home delivery doesn't come with any unfortunate costs.

Amazon Key supports a handful of smart locks, which you can select from when you order the kit, and the accompanying Cloud Cam requires a subscription for anything beyond 3 cameras and 24 hours of storage. Amazon Key also only supports in-home delivery in some areas so you might want to check your eligibility before you order one.

The service's corresponding Amazon Key app was released to Google Play just yesterday. From it, you can do things as simple as check if your door is locked, remotely lock and unlock it, and perform more complex tasks such as set up guest profiles for friends, coordinate your Amazon in-home deliveries, and even watch those deliveries (if you have an Amazon Cloud Cam).

This is the initial release of the app, so there are no changelog details to pour over, and it appears to be compatible with most devices, though it doesn't seem to want to install on my Chromebooks or some of my tablets.

Shipments for Amazon Key should have started going out today, so if you pre-ordered one when sales went live, it should be arriving soon. You can even use the app to help set things up once your kit lands, so feel free to head over to Google Play and give it a download if you are getting ready to install it.

Key by Amazon
Key by Amazon
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free