Sprint was happy to proclaim a few months back that it would have the exclusive on LG's new V30+. The exclusive didn't last long, though, as US Cellular got the phone a couple weeks later. Now, it's T-Mobile's turn to roll out the roomier version of the V30. This phone launches on November 17th on Tmo, but you might have trouble getting one.

The V30+ is almost identical to the standard V30. The only hardware difference is the 128GB of internal storage, twice what you get in the regular V30. The phone also comes with a set of premium earbuds. T-Mobile is asking $850 total for the device. It's available on a payment plan for $30 monthly (24 months) with a $130 down payment.

Interestingly, T-Mobile says the V30+ will only be available in "limited quantity" when it launches. It's unclear how limited or if it will be more generally available later. If you feel strongly about the V30+, you might want to start planning now in case this is a very limited release.