Like most other companies do when they launch an expensive new flagship phone, Google offered a free product with the purchase of a Pixel 2 or 2 XL - in this case, the Home Mini. Exactly four weeks after Google told Pixel 2 pre-orderers that their Home Mini codes would come within four weeks of their phones shipping, we've begun to receive tips from readers who are getting their codes right now.

Artem, having ordered his Pixel 2 XL early, also received the email, entitled 'Redeem your Google Home Mini, on us.' After hitting the 'Redeem now' button, you're directed to the Google Store, at which point you can choose a color and place your order for your free Home Mini. It's very simple.

Those of you who ordered a few days later after the initial pre-orders went out will obviously have to wait a little bit longer. But you can rest assured that your Home Mini code will soon be on its way.

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