It can be a pain to juggle all your monthly expenses and credit card balances, especially if you have more than one bank account to keep track of. That's why earlier this year, an app called Clarity Money launched (exclusively) on iOS, hoping to make it easier to manage bills and incomes. At the time, the company had hinted at plans to eventually release the app on other platforms, and so Clarity Money is now launching both on Google Play and as a standalone web app.

Clarity Money works similarly to Mint and other apps in the personal finance space. But in addition to being able to link a user's bank accounts and automatically categorize their expenses — something most personal finance apps already do — Clarity Money also attempts to save its users money by helping them make smarter financial decisions.

It's no secret that companies are big fans of monthly and annual subscription plans: people are far more likely to continue paying for a service through a subscription model than they are if they had to make a conscious decision to pay every month. By removing the friction and thought process involved, purchases effectively become opt-out instead of opt-in. That makes it easy to rack up hundreds of dollars in monthly payments, which is why Clarity Money presents users with an overview of all their subscriptions services, letting them cancel any directly from within the app — and potentially saving them a hefty sum.

Clarity Money can also recommend better deals on credit cards based on a user's spending habits, and even identify negotiable bills and attempt to automatically obtain a lower rate. Using these methods, last year's 1,000 beta users were able to save an average of $300 through Clarity Money.

The app itself is pretty slick and easy to set up. It's also entirely free to download and use (with no in-app purchases either), so there's no reason not to download it and check it out for yourself.

Edit: As a few readers have pointed out, the app is, unfortunately, US-only. As someone who has just recently moved from Europe to the United States, I know only too well the frustration of not having access to a product or service due to my geographical location.

Press Release

Clarity Money Launches on Android and Web App

New Cross Platform Offerings Enable Consumers to Make Smarter Financial Decisions Anytime, Anywhere

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clarity Money, the personal finance app that acts as the “Champion of Your Money,” announces today the debut of the app on the web and Android devices. Clarity Money is currently featured in the Google Play app store under the “New and Updated App” category.

Clarity Money’s expansion to new devices means that the brand will help even more users make smarter financial decisions.

“We built Clarity Money to help users be proactive about their money and to improve their financial future,” said Adam Dell, founder and CEO of Clarity Money. “Expanding Clarity Money to be available on three platforms means more people are armed with an unbiased advocate helping them navigate their financial lives.”

Shortly after its January release, Clarity Money was featured in Apple Inc.’s App Store as one 2017’s “New Apps We Love.” Expanding to new platforms was a necessary next step, as Clarity Money’s consumer insights team reported increased demand from non-iOS users. These enhancements are the latest in a series of offerings that give Clarity Money’s 600,000 plus users complete, on-the-go access to their personal finances.

“Clarity Money is always looking for ways to improve the consumer experience, especially when it comes to understanding our users,” said Melissa Manne, VP of Product Management for Clarity Money. “As demand for our technology and services increased, our team realized that this was the next step to not only increase our reach but to further our mission of helping people gain access to responsible money management tools.”

About Clarity Money

Clarity Money is a personal finance mobile app that acts as your financial champion. Ushering in a new era of mobile personal finance management apps, Clarity Money uses artificial intelligence and data science to help consumers make smarter financial decisions and get the most from their money. The revolutionary features allow users to cancel and lower bills, get a better credit card, get their credit score and create a savings account, all from within the app, and all at the push of a button. Launched in 2017 by venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Adam Dell, Clarity Money is backed by leading investors, including Citi Ventures, RRE Ventures, Soros Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners. To learn more about Clarity Money, click here.