Samsung seems to be angling towards a different type of ad campaign: one that makes fun of competitors' devices. We first saw this (indirectly) with Samsung's 'Screen Reviews' commercial, but this latest 'Growing Up' takes the roasts to a whole other level. Several generations of the iPhone are highlighted here, and it's really very well done.

The video follows a young man from the iPhone 3G's launch in 2007 all the way to the iPhone X's launch ten years later. This man, who seems to always be waiting in line for the latest iPhone, experiences a number of issues with his iPhones throughout the years, including low storage with the 3G rendering him unable to take pictures, the 5s's small screen making it hard to record info, the 6s's lack of water resistance causing it to die once it's fallen into a lake, and the 7's missing headphone jack necessitating the use of a giant adapter to charge and listen at the same time. Eventually, however, our hero switches to a Galaxy Note8. He walks by a line for the new iPhone X and sees someone waiting in line with... a notch in his haircut. Guess what Samsung's making fun of there.

Watch the video via the embed above or the source link below to fully appreciate Samsung's brilliant marketing. Anyone have any guesses on which competitor Samsung will roast next? My money's on LG.