News surrounding OnePlus is starting to heat up, since the mostly fan-favorite Chinese manufacturer has decided to repeat its two flagship strategy from last year. Opinions on that aside, we saw an update to the Camera app a few days ago, bringing the version to 2.4.17. Not a huge update, but it has a slight UI change.


Left two: v2; Right two: v2.4

As you can see in the screenshots above, the mode-switching menu did change. In v2, it was accessed via the hamburger menu on the left (though swiping left in the middle of the viewfinder would just activate the camcorder shortcut). Now in v2.4, you can get to the same stuff via a swipe up on the main screen. It's a bit easier to switch now, though I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the arrow below the zoom setting having so much padding above it. Meh.

Of course, we have the v2.4.17 apk for you over on APK Mirror for your sideloading pleasure. Have fun.