The month is getting underway, and that means it's time for Google to issue its monthly raft of Pixel and Nexus updates. The updates will filter down to phones in the next day or so, but the system images and OTA files for most devices are available now if you want to sideload. There's not a ton new here, but as this is a November patch level, you should have protection from the KRACK vulnerability.

So far, it looks like all currently supported phones and tablets have downloads available, with the exception of the Pixel 2 XL. That one still hasn't been updated for whatever reason. Presumably, it will show up soon. The system images will get your software sorted out even if you've managed to flash something different to the phone, but they require an unlocked bootloader. OTA files can be installed on devices running the previous build, and your bootloader doesn't need to be unlocked.

Google promised the KRACK vulnerability from a few weeks ago would be fixed in the November patches. There should also be some Bluetooth fixes, and maybe tweaks to video quality. The security bulletin includes details of all the fixes if you want to track them down. Google also promised recently that it would release an update that adds a more saturated color mode to the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. I'm not seeing any new options on the Pixel 2 on the updated build, though. Maybe next time?

Pixel 2 XL

It looks like the Pixel 2 XL update is rolling out to users. It's got the promised toggle for brighter colors, too.


Apparently Google still hasn't rolled out KRACK updates. Only November 6th or later patches will block that exploit.