USB-C is the future, but as we're all slowly switching to the updated port, the change isn't without its inconveniences. Chief among them: all your old stuff isn't gonna work without dongles and adapters.

Why not just use it as an excuse to upgrade? That old 2GB drive you've been hanging onto isn't enough space anyway, and Amazon's just dropped the price on Samsung's 64GB ($19.99) and 128GB ($39.99) USB-C flash drives, bringing each to an all-time low. 

Allegedly these drives are USB 3.1, offering speeds of up to 150MB/s. According to benchmarks provided in Amazon's reviews, you should see about that in sequential read, with closer to 100MB/s in sequential writes. The only disadvantage seems to be that, if you intend to use the drive with a phone, some cases can interfere with it.

Samsung has a 5-year limited warranty on these, and further advertises them as waterproof for up to 72 hours in seawater, shock-proof, magnet-proof (duh), and temperature-proof (0C-60C). It's also quite teensy, and no coupon is required to pick one up. You can grab it in a black 128GB flavor for $39.99, or Blue with 64GB for $19.99. In both cases, this is the lowest price either of these items has ever been at Amazon.

Just about every new device brings with it a switch to USB-C, so you'll probably want to start replacing your older accessories with USB-C compatible varieties soon, or the dongle life will be your future life.