The opinion that Samsung's Bixby voice assistant is useless is one that is pretty universal. We've seen an epic war between Samsung and developers who wanted to remap the button (seriously, here are more links), but even after Samsung "disabled" the button in the last battle, Bixby would still activate the screen when pressed. Now though, disabling it will render it virtually nonexistent (which we've all been waiting for).

The last time we heard about Bixby and its refusal to be disabled, we thought that it had been completely eliminated from our lives, but it turns out that pressing the button would actually still wake the screen. The latest Bixby updates, however, have ended that annoying tendency. SamMobile is also saying that Samsung has updated the Bixby service that analyzes saved contacts when call commands are dictated to Bixby, which might allow it to call people with oddly-spelled names.

To end the horrors that the Bixby button's horrific reign have brought on your Galaxy S8, S8 plus, or Note8, head over to Galaxy Apps and update everything with the word 'Bixby' in title there. If you can't access the updates or have disabled Galaxy Apps, you can grab the latest versions of Bixby, Bixby Home/Hello Bixby, and Bixby Service from APK Mirror.